Students for MicrobicidesS4M


Major Mission: To be part of the global students’ effort to prevent HIV/AIDS.
S4M (Students for Microbicides) provides resources to existing student organizations. S4M has been created to motivate and inspire students around the world to advocate for the successful development and distribution of microbicides and other HIV prevention technologies especially for women, through petitions, letters, and creative events that engage their campus community.
Why student advocacy?
Advocacy is at the heart of the microbicides and HIV prevention effort and it is vital that students take it on. It is today's students who will be the next doctors, lawyers, advocates and epidemiologists. They will have the ability to devise and ensure equitable access to prevention technologies for the women who are most in need. Microbicides advocacy takes many forms and occurs across a multitude of languages, races, and nations. The one unifying and empowering principle is that all advocacies can positively contribute to the global microbicides effort.

Our aim is to reaching out to our fellow students in Nigeria and worldwide not minding their grades, religion, languages, ethnics groups and tribes in school either in the secondary schools, high school, college of education, mono and polytechnics, undergraduates and postgraduates students in Universities, M.Sc students and post doctoral students.
We tends to reach out more to those who are more vulnerable to this diseases among the educational sectors just listed above. Those that might have heard little or not much information about how contractions of the disease works, new ways of which it is being contracted, to open their minds and heart to new preventive methods (NPT), and also teaching them mainly the ABC’s of AIDS, introducing MICROBICIDE in all the context of what we need to pass across to them.
Other target audiences will be on women whose husbands work in other cities, states, communities, and countries other than where the entirely family are based. It has been seen that after much work in the day or during their leisure time at their based, these men hang out with different commercial sex workers for relaxation thereby having multiple sex partners.
These men are being vulnerable to contracting the dreaded disease (HIV/AIDS) and other STI’s. S4M will know how to address the issue with their wives and to tell them about microbicides; what they stand to gain to from it, and making them advocate for an affordable microbicides when it is eventually out in the market.

Our proposed activities will be including:

  1. To motivate and inspire students around the world to advocate for the successful development and distribution of microbicides.
  2. To raise students from all fields of academic studies either in the sciences, commercials and arts. To contribute our quota in raising one voice for a positive change and quick invention of Microbicides.
  3. To providing resource materials and advocacy talk shows to existing student organizations.
  4. To creating meaningful events/seminars that engage their campus community in all round information on HIV/STI’s and MICROBICIDE.
  5. To creating community empowerments programmes and capacity building in rural areas for youths and women who will stand the chances to advocate more for the Microbicides.
  6. To advocate with the New HIV Vaccine and Microbicides Advocacy Society (NHVMAS) on issues raised by the voices and petitions of students worldwide on microbicides.
  7. To handle student’s advocacy plan for the new millennium and century thereby supporting the vision 20:2020 through awareness creation.

Joining the team of students that will advocate for HIV/AIDS and an affordable Microbicides is as simple as ABC of AIDS.

  1. Joining our advocacy group through our emailing system on yahoogroup. Our website is

An individual who wants to join the Students’ for Microbicides (S4M), Nigeria would have to send a blank message from his/her own email to: After this, you will be acknowledged into the group and will receive a welcome message from the administrator.
Also, to post a message to the entire group without you joining the group, you send an email to:
To contact the S4M administrator on any issue or to give us an insight and new advocacy skills, please send your corresponding emails to:

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